Woman Nearly Buried Alive by Garbage

An Atlanta woman who was nearly buried alive by chest-high garbage in her home had to be rescued by emergency crews, myFOXatlanta.com reported Tuesday.

Firefighters responding to a medical call went to the woman's home in Sandy Springs, Ga., on Wednesday and found it filled chest-high with garbage.

Boxes of food were piled high on the porch and investigators said the home smelled like a garbage dump.

Crews, who donned protective gear for the rescue due to the unsanitary conditions, took 45 minutes to dig the woman out.

Neighbors told local TV station 11alive that they saw trucks deliver food to the home and trash pile up outside for more than a year.

"I think we should all feel a little ashamed if we live in this neighborhood," said Kathryn Humphrey, who lives a few houses down from the woman, believed to be in her 30s.

"I noticed the house and the trash and the filthy cars. I assumed it was an elderly couple that lived there and that someone was helping them out. I should have knocked on the door. I could have helped her out," she said.

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