Wendy's Phases Out Cheap Bacon, Prices Likely to Reflect Upgrade

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Wendy's bacon-lovers may soon feel a hit to their wallets.

The chain said Wednesday it is phasing out a cheaper bacon in favor of a higher-priced Applewood-smoked, center-cut bacon, which is already used on premium sandwiches like the Bacon Deluxe and Bacon & Blue burgers.

For sandwiches like the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger that currently use the lower-cost bacon, the upgrade will likely force some Wendy's stores to raise prices, spokesman Denny Lynch said Wednesday. He declined to reveal the cost difference between the two bacon types.

"The franchise and company stores will adjust prices accordingly," Lynch said.

A new burger will also be making an appearance on Wendy's menu in the coming weeks, the Double Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, featuring the new bacon. At a suggested retail price of $1.89, the sandwich could help franchise operators in markets where raising prices can be difficult, Lynch said.

The upgraded bacon is one feature of Wendy's "You know when it's real" advertising campaign, which focuses on new ingredients.