The Psychology of George and Cindy Anthony

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George and Cindy Anthony will appear on Dr. Phil Tuesday and Wednesday to share their thoughts about their daughter Casey and losing their granddaughter Caylee.

In order to understand more about George and Cindy, should you watch the two-part interview you need to look at the two of them and question whether they actually feel normal human emotions, like genuine love and real empathy.

As I researched George and Cindy for my upcoming book called Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony, several troubling facts emerged that make me wonder whether they created an emotional vacuum in their homes, which led their daughter to develop psychological problems of an extreme variety.

Here are just some of those facts:
• George and Cindy both insisted to family members that Casey was not pregnant when she was 31 weeks pregnant.

• George watched his granddaughter being born, while standing for a protracted time at the foot of Casey’s bed in the obstetrical suite, looking at her vagina.

• Cindy held the baby first, despite Casey’s objections.

• With their granddaughter missing for more than a month, George and Cindy negotiated the price for towing and storing Casey’s abandoned car, (which they worried smelled like a decomposing body) for one hour. George walked around the car and commented that he was glad it didn’t have scratches on it. Both George and Cindy returned to work shortly after locating the vehicle in which they feared their granddaughter could have met with harm.

• Cindy felt it important to inform law enforcement officials that on July 3, when she went searching for her missing granddaughter, she wasted $10 on parking at Universal Studios.

• George and Cindy trademarked the name Caylee Anthony during the search for her.

• George and Cindy knew for years that their daughter Casey had lied to them about having a job, but did nothing to get her psychological help.

• George and Cindy never went to the trouble to meet the supposed nanny (who did not exist) and who was supposedly caring for their granddaughter for years.

• George's first wife alleges that George’s dream was to be a character at Disney World, like Mickey or Pluto. He is known to have thrown his own father through a plate glass window. He is alleged to have broken into a classmate’s home and stolen her panties.

I could go on and on. The point is that the people you will watch on Dr. Phil are not connected to the truth and respond to others in pathological ways. The loss of Caylee Anthony is very much related to their behavioral and psychological patterns.

They created their daughter.

Dr. Ablow is the author of the upcoming book, "Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony." He is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team. Dr. Ablow can be reached at His team of Life Coaches can be reached at