Teen with cerebral palsy scores life-changing touchdown

An 8th grader at a middle school in St. Charles scored a touchdown that has everyone talking—and those points did more than change the score of the game, MyFoxChicago reported.

Jack McGraw, 13, has been on the sideline for two years for every practice at every game, cheering everyone on. Jack doesn't play, because he has cerebral palsy, but when he got in the end zone on Wednesday for the first time, spectators on both sides say cheers could be heard around the town.

The Hurricanes were up 29 points to zero when Coach Sean Masoncup called Jack in for the play of the game.

"We actually ran what's called a 27 sweep on the outside -- it's about nine yards for a touchdown and the crowd just went nuts, and I went nuts," Masoncup explained. "When I came around, I looked at Jack (and) he had a little tear  -- and the biggest smile ever."

The Hurricanes are undefeated this year, and Masoncup said he told the team and the competition, the Rotolo's, before the game that McGraw would be going in to score. One of their parents got ready with their video camera. Everyone knew about this memorable moment—except Jack.

Masoncup made sure the ball was in his hand, and Jack took off in his motorized wheelchair, staring at the goal post.

Jack's mother Jill says her son has always wanted to be an athlete, and she treated him like every other little boy.

"The biggest thing for me was just the acceptance; and the kids were all cheering, and the cheerleaders ran up to the sidelines and the parents were cheering," said Jack's mom, Jill.

Jack will be going to high school next year, and his mother said he now wants to play basketball.

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