Sword-Swallower Impales Himself on Stage

An experienced British sword-swallower was taken to the hospital after ripping a four-inch hole in his esophagus during a show in northern England.

The performer, known as Hannibul Hellmurto, had difficulties when he swallowed an electric-powered glass tube filled with mercury during a show in Bradford, the Weston Mercury newspaper reported.

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Miraculously, he finished his show, but collapsed after coming off stage and was rushed to the Bradford Royal Infirmary, where he spent three weeks receiving medical care.

Hellmurto, a former German tax official, could not swallow anything for five weeks and had to be fed through a tube while the hole in his esophagus healed.

But the 40-year-old daredevil did not let the incident stop him from working, and he returned to the stage this week.

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