Study: Warm Bath on Cold Day May Be Bad for Heart

If you love to soak in a warm bath on a cold day, be careful: It could be bad for your heart.

Japanese researchers found that soaking in a hot bath on a cold day could increase the chance of a cardiac event, The Daily Mail reported.

Researches from Kyoto Prefectural University said cardiac arrests during bathing were 10 times greater in the winter as compared to the summer. The study, led by Chika Nishiyama, looked at data from 11,000 cardiac arrests in Osaka over the course of two years.

Prior to the cardiac event, 22 percent of the people were sleeping, 9 percent were bathing, 3 percent were working and .5 percent were exercising. Other people involved in the study were doing “nonspecific” activities.

When the researchers looked at the rates of cardiac arrest, they found at the top of their list was 54 arrests per 10 million people per hour of bathing. The bathers’ risk was increased on colder days.

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