Scaling back: 3D fitness tool shows real results and weight loss progress

Finding motivation to meet your fitness goals can be daunting when you don't see any results.

After a personal injury, 45-year-old Marc Lesser of New York hit a fitness roadblock and fell back into bad habits.

"You get back to your old routines and you let things happen,” Marc Lesser told “When you get on the scale, you gain a pound, you lose a couple pounds, and you're disappointed.”

Some experts believe the scale can be deceiving and even detrimental to those trying to reach certain fitness goals. For example, gaining a few pounds could come from increased muscle mass, which weighs more than fat.

Instead of trusting a scale to measure fitness levels, Redwood, City, Calif.-based Fit3D developed a different type of assessment tool to help.

Fit3D Proscanner is a fitness device that takes a full body scan to give users 450 body circumference measurements, like your chest, waist, biceps— plus, a 360-degree avatar image of your body.

"You’re going to stand on a platform, which is going to turn around slowly, and it’s going to have a camera that’s going to take about four hundred pictures of you— then, at that point, it will reassemble those pictures digitally, and that’s what’s creating your avatar [and measurements],” Marc Cohen, a program director at BFX Studio in NYC that uses Fit3D for their members, told

In less than a minute, a 3D avatar is created and emailed to you with your measurements. You can also log into a password-protected website to see additional details and charts that compare against previous scans. The data is private, but users can choose to share their reports with their trainer or doctor.

"Your body doesn't really lie when you're looking at the Fit3D. It's all there," Lesser said. “It consistently shows those changes of chest, waist, hips, how big my arms are, or how small my thighs are getting.”

Trainers use the information to show clients their progress and how their bodies have changed throughout their workout regimen. They also say it helps them see what areas need to be defined or worked on more, so they can create a more personalized workout program for their clients.

"As we start the program, we can really look at parts of the body that we want to really focus on,” Derek Stratton, a BFX Studio trainer, told “If you can have measurable results, then you can actually look at the numbers and say, ‘Well, I don't feel like I'm a lot thinner, but I just lost 4 inches off my waist, so, wow, that's a big difference.’”

Cohen recommends members take a new scan every 30 days to develop short- and long-term goals.

"Most of us want to know that the work were putting in has had a positive effect,” Cohen said. “This is a great assessment because instantly you know if you've had success, instantly you know, ‘OK this is what I want to work on.’”

After five months of tracking his progress with Fit3D, Lesser said he has lost 20 pounds.

"I don't get on the scale every day like I used to,” Lesser said. “I can see that change in me week to week, [and] I can see it on the Fit3D.”

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