Report: Doctors Left 722 Objects Inside Patients in One Year

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More than 770 objects were left inside patients in botched operations by Britain's National Health Service, The Sun reported.

The blunders are among a long list of grave medical mistakes made by NHS staff in the past two years, including the case of a British man who was left infertile after surgeons removed part of the wrong testicle.

The Sun exposed the dossier of errors following a Freedom of Information request.

It revealed a shocking lack of care, ranging from patients being maimed after surgeons left instruments inside their bodies, to the sick being dumped in hospital bathrooms when wards were full.

A total of 722 objects were left inside patients following operations in 2008 alone — including pliers, scalpels, coils and swabs.

And 11 people were "seriously harmed" during NHS operations every day.

Other mistakes included nurses and doctors wrongly administering drugs on a regular basis, giving patients the wrong blood type and failing to sterilize equipment.

In the past five years, almost 12,200 patients had organs punctured during operations.

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