Prosthetic blades help deformed bulldog puppy walk again

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One-year-old Pookie the “Bullie” used to have to do a “bunny hop” to move around, but now, thanks to custom technology, she can waddle around like any other bulldog.

Fox 5 Atlanta reported that the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue helped outfit the pup, who was born with elbow and shoulder deformities, with prosthetic blades that strap around her front legs and work like tires with thick treads. The prosthetics lift her legs and help her step. Before, she used to hop like a bunny to move around, Cara Hergenroether, Pookie’s foster mom, told the news station.

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The first time Pookie tried walking with the blades, she fell on her face. But the next day, she was on the move. The $1,500 blades are just for practice— once she’s comfortable using them, she’ll get a 3-D printed version for permanent use, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

"I think she'll be able to live her life like a more normal dog,” Hergenroether told the news station.