New mom recovering from flesh-eating bacteria learning to walk again

A South Carolina woman who battled a flesh-eating bacteria just after delivering twins in May, spoke to the media for the first time Monday, reported.

The news station said she is recovering at a rehabilitation facility.

Lana Kuykendall gave birth to twins Ian and Abigail on May 7 at an Atlanta hospital, but she later felt a severe pain her leg.

She rushed to the Greenville Memorial hospital when she noticed a spot on the leg was quickly spreading.

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Kuykendall had contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a rapidly spreading flesh-eating bacteria that destroys skin and muscle tissue. Doctors performed 20 surgeries on the new mom.

Kuykendall has been at GHS's Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital for more than a week.

Her husband, Darren, said his wife can walk at least 50 feet with the aid of a walker.

"Lana is a miracle, and we see it again and again every day," said Darren Kuykendall in June.

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