Mom performs CPR on newborn daughter, saves her life

Just after giving birth at her home, one mother had to use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her newborn daughter in order to save her life, BBC News reported.

Amy O’Riordan went into labor three months early at her home in Middlesbrough in Britain.  After very few complications and just a couple of pushes, she delivered her daughter – with her partner Mark by her side.

However, when small Jessie was born, she wasn’t breathing, so O’Riordan immediately called the paramedics.

As an ambulance raced to her home, the operator told Mark to perform CPR on Jessie – but he was in shock.  That’s when O’Riordan took matters into her own hands.

“I pinched her nose and started blowing into her mouth because she was blue," O’Riordan told BBC News.

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Minutes later, paramedics arrived and started performing chest compressions on Jessie.

"We got Amy on the stretcher and placed Jess on her tummy for warmth and so (we) could keep giving compressions,” Colin Gibson, one of the Redcar paramedics, told BBC News.

Once the team arrived at James Cook Hospital, O’Riordan said her daughter gave out a small whimper.  Now 1-month old, Jessie is still on oxygen but is “thriving.”

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