Quintuplets reunite after fifth baby comes home from hospital

Texas quintuplets have been reunited under one roof, after the last baby was finally released from the hospital, Dallas News reported.

“It’s a little hectic,” said Carrie Jones, the mother of the quintuplets, plus a 9-year-old son, Issac, told Dallas News. “But we are just so happy, happy, happy to have Seth home; the hectic is OK.”

Jones, and her husband Gavin, have been updating the public about their journey to carry and deliver five babies through a popular blog, which has had more than one million hits.

It seems everyone is a little curious to learn more about this family of eight.

“There’s never a baby without a need,” said Gavin Jones, 35. “Every once in a while, we have one or two babies asleep, but it’s never-ending neediness.”

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    The babies, named Will, David, Marcie, Grace and Seth, were born August 9 at St. Paul University Hospital. Seth had a tough time in the beginning – he had severe breathing problems.

    The babies will need medical attention for a while, but Dr. Rashmin Savini, divisional director of neonatal-perinatal medicine at UT Southwestern and Children’s, told Dallas News they were “making steady progress.”

    The family has an average of 25 volunteers come in to help.

    Learn more about the Jones family at gavincarrie.blogspot.com.

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