Man Swallows Poisonous Snake for $2 Bet

An Indian man cheated death after a swallowing a highly poisonous snake for a bet worth just a couple of dollars, The Times of India reported Wednesday.

Zaver Rathod, 35, killed the reptile by hurling stones at it after it bit one of his friends in Surat, in the eastern state of Gujurat.

Egged on by his companions, the farm laborer then consumed the entire snake raw for a 100 Rupee bet ($2.14).

However, he soon became violently ill, and was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night with severe nausea and vomiting. Doctors managed to remove the contents of his stomach before the snake's venom could enter his blood stream, which would almost certainly have proved fatal.

Rathod fled Wednesday to escape the glare of the Indian media, as reporters descended on the hospital to interview him.

Doctors expect him to recover, The Times of India said. Officials have not disclosed what type of snake he ate.