Man Physically Paralyzed By All Forms of Affection

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A neuroscientist becomes paralyzed whenever he feels or observes any display of affection, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Matt Frerking, of Portland, Ore., cannot put his arm around his wife, Trish, or hold her hand for more than a few seconds because he suffers from narcolepsy with cataplexy, a combination of sleeping disorders that render him temporarily immobile.

“Putting my arm around her is something that I don’t do unless we’re sitting down and I know that it won’t matter that much if I just flop over. I have to limit those things very carefully,” Frerking said.

During a “love attack,” Frerking is aware of his surroundings and can still hear, but can’t move or open his eyes.

He can suffer several attacks a day, which can be triggered by simple things like a romantic movie trailer or just being around his family.

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