Man has life-saving surgery to remove bullet lodged in heart for 2 months

An 32-year-old Indian man underwent a life-saving surgery to remove a bullet that had been lodged in his heart for two months, the Times of India reported.

Bharat Sharma, who was shot July 22 by suspected robbers outside of a bank, had the .20-caliber bullet removed in a surgery that involved stopping his heart.

"The bullet was critically placed," Dr. Anil Jain, a cardiac surgeon at SAL Hospital told the Times of India. "It was just a millimeter away from puncturing the left chamber which would have killed him."

Jain said whenever the heart pumped, the bullet could be seen moving.

Sharma was shot twice in the assault, with the other bullet striking his hip. Surgeons had successfully removed the bullet in his waist, but were hesitant about the one in his heart.

"It is very rare that a bullet is so close and the person does not die," Jain told the Times of India.