Live La Vida Loca – Just Not on the Couch

According to statistics, the average American has sex 112 times a year. But I would argue that the numbers for Latinos are above average.

For sure, we have much more passion than the Average Joe. Brazilians boast the longest average time spent having intercourse (30 minutes), and Mexicans are almost twice as likely to describe their sex lives as “exciting” compared to Americans.

Additionally, a recent study conducted by the AARP showed that 40 percent of Latinos report having sex once week, while only 23 percent of the general U.S. population does. Latinos also rate themselves as being more satisfied with the quality of the sex they’re having.

But quality doesn’t always mean safety. When you look at the numbers, one-third of people complain of injuries during sex.

There are very few official statistics, because people are less likely to go to the doctor following bedroom blunders, but injuries do occur during sex. You have your pulled muscles, strained backs, broken bones, and those unexplainable bruises that show up on your elbows and knees the next day.

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But I wonder, why do those injuries occur? Clearly, passion, alcohol and age all have a lot to do with it.

But I found a very interesting list of places that have been cited as potential danger zones to have sex.

No.1: the sofa.
Of course. You can slip, roll over, or hit your head on the coffee table.

No. 2: the stairs.
Hey, have you seen those scenes in the telenovelas where, in a fit of passion so great, the actors can’t even wait to reach the bedroom? They just go at each other right there on the staircase

No. 3: the car.
Need I say more? Especially with all those compact models being put out lately.

No. 4: The shower.
I never understood this one, but I guess for some people it’s just too slippery.

And finally, the bed.
The bed makes No. 5 because, after all, it is probably the most frequent place to have sex.

So, before you start living la vida loca, remember – be careful in your moment of passion.

And please, try to stay away from the sofa.

Dr. Manny Alvarez is a Cuban-American OB-GYN who serves as a senior medical contributor for the Fox News Channel and senior managing health editor of To read more from Dr. Manny, click here