How to survive a sociopath boss

Once you become an adult, you may presume your days of being pushed around by the schoolyard bully are over. However, 45 percent of US workers claim they have been bullied at some point in their careers — a particularly damaging experience if the tormentor holds a position of authority.

A bad boss, much like a bad teacher, can turn Sunday evenings into an anxiety-filled prelude to a week of stress. Almost everyone has had a bad boss at one time or another, but when does annoying behavior morph into something more serious, or potentially even illegal? And, most importantly, how do you cope?

True sociopath bosses are more than just bad bosses: They exhibit a set of characteristics that make them dangerous to work for, whether it’s creating tension in the office with inappropriate comments and behavior or exhibiting bizarre and over-the-top work habits. These bosses can literally make you ill, causing absenteeism as well as mental and physical health issues.

Sound like anyone you know?

Workplace bullies are usually larger-than-life characters who have a grandiose sense of self, operate dishonest practices that alienate staff and turn them against each other, creating a hostile work environment.

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