How to bounce back from a high-calorie Super Bowl weekend

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Not known for their healthful selections, Super Bowl parties are often laden with highly caloric, fattening foods. Americans consume an average of 2,400 calories during the game. If you fell prey to poor diet choices, don’t despair. Read how to get back on track after blowing your calorie budget.

Stay positive

One meal or afternoon of overeating won’t derail your diet or weight loss progress. However, hanging on to guilt or throwing in the towel for the next week “since you blew it” on Sunday will set you back. Remind yourself of the reasons you want to be healthy. Is it to feel more confident, more energetic or lower your cholesterol? Whatever your reason, being healthy is a journey. Stay positive and focused on your goal through both the ups and the downs.

Start with breakfast

Start your day off right by eating a balanced breakfast containing fiber and protein. A few options include plain Greek yogurt with high fiber cereal and berries, or a savory egg white and veggie frittata over high fiber crackers. The combination of fiber and protein keeps you feeling full and your energy stable until your next meal. Starting the day off right gets your diet back on track immediately and mentally sets you up for continued success throughout the day.

Strategize your plan forward

Did you host the party and now have platters of chicken nuggets in the fridge or leftover bags of chips in the pantry? Don’t tempt yourself with the foods that caused you to blow your calorie budget in the first place. Donate the unopened foods or take leftovers to the office. Use the newly free space in the fridge and pantry to stock up on fresh crudités, plain yogurt, fruit and high fiber crackers for convenient and healthy meals and snacks.

Get enough sleep

We all know we should aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Research continues to provide evidence that sleep regulates the hormones involved in hunger, satiety and even weight distribution. Make your sleep a priority to ensure you don’t reach for refined carbs for a quick energy boost and sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Stay hydrated

Our body often interprets a need for water as a need for food, causing us to overeat when, in reality, we are dehydrated. Proper hydration also helps decrease bloat by promoting electrolyte balance. Many indulgent Super Bowl bites and spreads contain an entire day’s worth of sodium in just one serving. Aim for 8 or more glasses of water daily.

Recognize that splurges are a normal part of life. By limiting them to special occasions and jumping right back into your healthy diet afterwards, you can keep their toll on your healthy diet in check.

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