Hairstylist busted for allegedly giving women illegal breast implants

A Texas hairstylist was arrested Thursday on suspicion of giving women dangerous and illegal breast implants in a back room of her salon.

Police said Carmel Foster was doing the augmentations at her salon in Tyler, which is 92 miles east of Dallas.

One woman was hospitalized with severe chest pains and remains in critical condition after family members said Foster gave her an injection. Four other women have also complained to police.

Police are not sure what Foster was allegedly pumping into the women who paid for her service. The Federal Drug Administration has taken samples of the liquid gel for testing.

The 39-year-old is facing charges for practicing medicine without a license. Bond was set at $200,000 for Foster, according to the Longview News-Journal.

Despite warnings from health professionals, there have been a number of recent cases of people becoming ill, and even dying, after having illegal cosmetic surgery.

A Florida transgender man living as a woman is currently facing charges of practicing medicine without a license after allegedly injecting a substance containing cement, oil, a tire sealant and super glue into a woman's buttocks. Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested after the victim almost died when the toxic substances spread through her body.

A California man who allegedly posed as doctor and performed liposuction while smoking a cigar recently pleaded not guilty to several felony charges. Carlos Guzmangarza, 49, allegedly performed liposuction on a woman after quoting her a price of $3,000 -- much lower than other doctors.

And a 21-year-old British student died early last year after flying to Philadelphia to get silicone injections into her buttocks at a cheap motel. Claudia Aderotimi paid $2,000 but had a heart attack after complaining of chest pains within hours of the silicone jab.

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