Green juice, vodka and sex: Doctors reveal their hangover cures

Instead of nursing a vicious hangover in the new year, let the experts nurse you back to health. Just in time for the ball drop, we called up five local doctors and nutritionists to hear their secrets to kicking off 2016 pain-free. Their tips for stemming next-day headaches, both physical and mental, might surprise you. Cheers!

Dr. Christopher Calapai, osteopathic physician
“Drink a good amount of water before [going out] — at least 6 to 8 glasses, with a little lemon or orange, which are acidic and balance your pH,” says Calapai (above). And don’t forget to take your vitamins!

“Drinking wipes out your B vitamins,” says Calapai, who offers a nutrient-packed IV to hangover sufferers in his office. “It consists of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and glutathione — great antioxidants and great for your brain.”

As for the doc’s own trick to nursing a hangover?

“I just jump in the ocean,” he says. “Maybe it’s the cool water, but it makes me feel great getting back to the earth.”

Dr. Judith Hellman, cosmetic dermatologist
“Why do people look so bad after a hangover?” asks the Hungary-born skin doc (above). “The skin is dehydrated, so be sure to eat a lot of food before you start drinking and a tablespoon of olive oil to coat the stomach to help absorb the alcohol,” she advises.

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Don’t forget to pop an aspirin before hitting the sack, either: “The anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent a headache.”

Finally, when in doubt, opt for vodka:

“I only drink straight-up Grey Goose — you get less of a hangover,” she says. “I drink it when I want to go out and enjoy myself.”

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