Flight Attendants Help Woman Give Birth During 2-Hour Flight

When it comes to filling out the place of birth on her baby's birth certificate, Chinese woman Feng Yu will have reason to pause for thought: Her daughter, Angel, was born in the air on a flight between Sichuan Province and Wuhan.

The 23-year-old was en route to Wuhan on Tuesday when she went into labor. Four China Eastern Airlines flight attendants helped her with the in-flight delivery, a spokesperson for the airline told the Shanghai Daily.

"I was frightened when the baby's head came out, but the body was still stuck. I asked myself to calm down and firmly held the woman's hand and tried hard to recall what I had learned from emergency training," Zuo Lei, who helped with the delivery, said.

The drama began 50 minutes into the two-hour flight and 6.6-pound Angel was born seven minutes before the plane touched down, with other passengers applauding when the news was announced.

"Both the mother and baby are in good condition," a doctor at Wuhan Tongji Hospital told the Daily.

Women who are more than seven months pregnant are not allowed to fly, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport officials said, but Feng's advanced pregnancy was not noticed because she is slim and was wearing heavy clothing.

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