Dr. Manny: Ruling against Texas abortion law may put patients at risk

I never saw the Texas abortion law as a means to restrict services available to women or put limitations on a patient’s right to choose. I saw it as a way to ensure that quality standards were being met at the clinics and centers offering this complicated, delicate procedure. It seems to me that while we have no trouble in naming the various issues we face in health care, like medical errors, patient injury, lack of transparency and cost of care, every time we put a solution on the table to address a problem, it becomes poisoned by political correctness and marred by biased motivations.

The liberal Left loves government intervention for the so-called betterment of America. They love to rely on government to provide the highest standards of services. There are numerous ways in which this reliance harms the American public; take for example the VA hospital system, where thousands of veterans are poorly served and mistreated by bureaucratic policies.

In health care, we expect to be required to serve our patients with the highest quality of services available. I really can’t understand how the Supreme Court Justices could say that having health care clinics registered with specific regulatory mandates that would ensure the highest quality of care, with registered accredited doctors, could not improve patient outcomes. Abortion is not, by any means, a quick or small procedure. The emotional and physical toll it takes on a patient should require proper quality care, especially in patients who present a complicated case.

Have we already forgotten the horrors that occurred at the abortion clinic in Philadelphia? For years, Dr. Kermit Gosnell operated under the radar to commit atrocities at his clinic. What’s wrong with holding medical centers to good quality, clinical standards to prevent those horrors from ever happening again? I certainly do not want to advocate for limiting the amount of services, including abortion, available to women. But I do advocate that centers which offer such procedures be held to hospital standards, whether they occur on a hospital campus or outside facility.

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How many times must we read reports about medical complications occurring at a medical facility that was not required to adhere to the same standards as a hospital? Any office, center or clinic advertising any kind of procedure to any type of patient should be required and mandated to offer the best care possible. I think it is shortsighted of the High Court to rule that the benefits of the Texas abortion law did not outweigh the restrictions that would have been placed on health care clinics. I believe that it is high time for the voices of health care professionals to start getting a little bit louder because it seems, that in this country, he who cries the loudest usually wins.