Doctors Amazed After Girl Grows Two New Kidneys

An 8-year-old girl from England, who was suffering from kidney failure, astounded doctors when they discovered she had grown two new kidneys, the Daily Mail reported.

Angel Burton had battled painful kidney infections for most of her life. By the age of 5, her condition deteriorated so much that surgeons were forced to operate. That’s when they found Angel actually had four kidneys, with two new healthy organs growing on top of the old ones.

'It's a real miracle,” Angel’s mother said. “It's absolutely amazing that none of her earlier scans picked the extra kidneys up.”

The extremely rare condition is known as duplex kidney and occurs in approximately one percent of the population, according to the report.

“Duplex kidney means a kidney that is made up of two extra units joined together and it rarely comes to light,” Dr. Prasad Godbole, a pediatric urologist at Sheffield Children's Hospital who operated on Angel said.

“I was surprised we had one in Angel because none of the previous X-rays had shown that. Sometimes you could miss it but I was surprised because looking at all the previous X-rays there was no suggestion of this. Her kidneys are working fine,” he added.

And as a result, Angel is fully recovered and looking forward to a healthy future.

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