Creepy or cool? Device allows users to charge cellphones with their own blood

A graduate student in Jerusalem has created a stomach-turning device that eliminates the need to tote around a conventional cellphone charger. With Naomi Kizhner’s technology, you need just an arm with a vein.

Kizhner has designed a jewelry line that hooks up to the wearer’s veins and converts his or her blood flow into a mobile cellphone charger, Medical Daily reported.

The line, called “Energy Addicts,” consists of three separate jewelry pieces: the Blinker, the E-pulse, and the Blood Bridge.  Each device monitors and extracts energy from different body functions: the Blinker from eyelid movements, the E-pulse Conductor from spinal cord nerves, and the Blood Bridge from lower-arm blood flow. Kizhner claims this energy could potentially power electronics.

Kizhner first shared her invention with Cosmopolitan magazine and pointed out the devices won’t be sold in stores but were designed to encourage people to reflect on their relationships with technology.

“I wanted to provoke the thought about how far will we go to in order to 'feed' our addiction in the world of declining resources," Kizhner told Cosmopolitan.

Kizhner’s jewelry line isn’t the only technology that uses the body as a power source.

Korean scientists earlier this year released a thermoelectric bracelet that turns body heat into electricity. The bracelet’s developers reportedly told ABC News that their design has the potential to power “automobiles, aircrafts and vessels” without touching an artery.

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