Can you improve your sex drive by changing your diet?

From painful periods to low libido and even infertility, it seems that there is a pill or procedure for every health problem women may face. But rather than a quick-fix prescription, one nutritionist believes that many issues can be fixed by simply adjusting your diet.

Alissa Vitti, author of “WomanCode,” told that many women dealing with the negative effects of hormonal imbalances are turning to the wrong source for relief. She said micronutrient insufficiency is the root cause of many hormonal imbalances like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and low libido.

“Left untreated, this leads to premature hormonal aging and sets you up for the four big diseases of inflammation post-menopause,” Vitti said. “That’s the bad news, but the very good news is that you can use food to turn this around.”

Vitti said it’s important to dismantle myths surrounding treatments available for common problems. For example, birth control pills are not the only remedy to control period symptoms. She said foods rich in fiber like kale and cilantro can help the body break down estrogen, while B6-rich foods can help the body create more progesterone. Vitti also recommended calcium-rich bone broth to help ease PMS symptoms and turning to chocolate to help prevent the symptoms from starting.

And while many couples may be under the impression that in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the only remedy in the world of infertility, Vitti said women should also consider looking at their dietary intake. She said the quality of a woman’s period can dictate the strength of her fertility, so in addition to foods recommended to help with PMS, she advises women seek out prebiotic foods and lacto-fermented vegetables like sauerkraut to balance bacteria that promotes proper immune function. To stabilize insulin and keep ovulation regular, she advised women to add cinnamon and sweet potatoes to dishes.

Lastly, while there is much debate over whether or not the so-called “female Viagra pill” is actually beneficial for women with low libido, Vitti said the problem should be addressed by focusing on the adrenal glands.

“Too much cortisol equals lower testosterone, sex drive and response,” Vitti said.

She suggested turning to foods with natural forms of testosterone like avocados or B5 fillers like chickpeas. She also said adding exercise to help flush cortisol can help fuel positive results.

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