Blind, Autistic 9-Year-Old Boy Delights Fans With His Singing

A little boy who is delighting fans at sporting events is also an inspiration for everyone, reported.

From Christian contemporary to pop rock, 9-year-old Christopher Duffy can sing it all, with purity and passion. He is also both blind and autistic.

Christopher was born three months premature, weighing in at one pound, 12 ounces. His biological parents were drug abusers, and Christopher tested positive for cocaine at birth.

But now, with years of musical therapy and love and support from his adoptive family, the so-called autistic savant -- meaning he has an unusual gift or skill -- is pleasing crowds wherever he travels.

He sang the national anthem at a hockey tournament this past weekend, and the video was posted on YouTube. His family said that wherever Christopher sings, whether in a big arena on a missionary trip or with friends at home, he brings the house down.

Asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he said a priest or singer like Justin Bieber. Either way, reported, he will be able to share his music with the masses.

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