Best Cures for a Hangover

St. Patty's Day is right around the corner! And you know what that means_ green beer, bagpipes and jigs to start! Everyone knows how to partyon March 17th, but what about the next day when it's back to the daily grind? When your memories of the previous day's festivities are only confirmed by a quick glance at the police blotter, checking the "drunk dialed" calls on your cell phone and the beat from the drummer in the parade is echoing through your vacant skull...

We've all been there - that nasty hangover after a really funnight of praying to the porcelain gods, promising if you make it through this, you'll never do it again! Well at Fox News, we wanted make sure you're prepared this year, so we investigated the best ways to prevent and cure a hangover.

One safe trick - honey; it will help raise your sugar levels after a night of boozing. Another cure that is mentioned in this video is N-acetyl Cysteine, an amino acid that is supposed to help expel the toxins acquired from alcohol.

What about you - what are your best hangover cures? Is there anything you do before or after a night where "this is my last one" is something you should have said a couple of hours ago? Post a comment and share your secrets so we all have a place to look on Tuesday morning!

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