Baby born with organs outside his body recovering from corrective surgery

A baby born in Texas with his organs outside his body is now in recovery after undergoing corrective surgery Friday to fix the condition, ABC News reported.

Hayes Davis was born with his intestines and abdominal organs sticking out of his belly button, with only a thin layer of skin to protect them.  The condition is known as omphalocele, which occurs in as many as one out of every 10,000 births.

Hayes's mother, Kelly Davis, learned about her baby's condition after she had gone in for her 12-week ultrasound.  She started a blog to keep people updated on Hayes up until his surgery.

"The surgery went perfectly," said Davis, 29.  "Both surgeons were incredibly pleased.  We're looking forward to a simpler way of life."

Before performing the surgery, surgeons waited for more tissue to grow so they would not have to use a separate flap of skin.  They restored the structural support of his abdomen to better protect the organs once they were back inside Hayes's body.

Waiting for more tissue allowed the doctors to avoid doing multiple surgeries.

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