America's First Test Tube Baby Has a Baby of Her Own

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Cameras were there taping her birth in 1981, and three days later she was the star of her first press conference, with her face on every newspaper and news station in America. But Elizabeth Comeau doesn’t want her new son to have the same world welcoming.

Comeau, 29, formerly Elizabeth Carr, delivered her first son, Trevor James Comeau at 2:05 a.m. Friday, weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces. The whole family is doing well, and trying their best to keep a low profile. She wrote her own article to The Boston Globe, in the interest of keeping her privacy.

In the article, she assured that even though her childhood wasn’t normal, her life now is.

“I had a normal conception and pregnancy despite my abnormal childhood. And early yesterday, my husband and I had a baby boy ‘the normal way,’ proving (I hope) that I’m just like everyone else,” she wrote.

Why did she write about her experience?

“I follow the same principle my parents did: If my story helps couples or families learn about in-vitro fertilization, then the loss of privacy is worthwhile. People who have fertility issues deserve to know they can have healthy, normal babies,” Comeau wrote.

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