23 Doctors Help Deliver Healthy Quintuplets

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A Houston woman has given birth to quintuplets with the help of 23 doctors in two operating rooms.

Thirty-year-old Veronica Mayorga-Real delivered the three girls and two boys by Cesarean section Saturday at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. Aaron, Priscilla, Matilde, Joel and Isaac weighed between 2 pounds 14 ounces and nearly 4 pounds.

Dr. Ursula Nawab said Tuesday the babies required no support beyond oxygen, and two are already breathing on their own.

The infants were born at 29 weeks — or 11 weeks premature — and will stay in the hospital for another six to eight weeks.

There are only about 100 known sets of quintuplets in the world.

Mayorga-Real and her husband, Enrique Mayorga, were using fertility drugs.