Woman stabs husband after argument over taco recipe

A good taco recipe is a precious thing, but this week a woman in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was arrested for allegedly stabbing her husband over taco seasoning.

According to KOB 4 News, Jorah Stern and her husband ate tacos prepared at their home by one of the husband’s friends on Wednesday. The flavor was reportedly fine, but the woman was enraged when she discovered that the meat had been seasoned with a variety of taco spice seasoning that contained chile powder, which Stern claims she is allergic to.

Stern reportedly flew into a rage and accused her husband of trying to hurt her on purpose. He maintained that he had not prepared the tacos and was not responsible for the recipe. Eventually, he left the house to avoid a fight.

But when he returned home the next morning his wife once again accused him of trying to hurt her with the chili powder. According to the police report, Stern grabbed a 10-inch knife. Her husband then "told her that if she wanted him dead, then she should just do it… she then pushed the knife into his upper chest."

Stern has been arrested and charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her husband is expected to survive.

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