What celebs eat after the Golden Globes

Ever wanted to know how the stars chow down after a big awards show?

Following the Golden Globes Sunday, celebrities and the Hollywood elite flocked to exclusive after parties where drinks were flowing and food filled tables.

At the Weinstein Company & Netflix's after show event, guests were treated to an exclusive menu of mini Asian delights, including tamarind crusted baby lamb chops and decadent sushi hand rolls designed by LA-based An Catering.The eclectic menu also featured American Caviar Cones and Jicama Wrapped Guacamole from The Bazaar by José Andrés.

After the main bites, stars got to satisfy their sweet tooth with tasty treats. At the Weinstein Co. and NBC Universal after parties, stars nibbled on chocolately treats developed by Sheila G. Mains with her signature crunchy Brownie Brittle. Mains spent months crafting recipes just for the night of the Globes.

“We try to focus on little items knowing that people are walking around with a drink in one hand,” Mains told FoxNews.com. “The gold-leafed Golden Globes Truffle is easy to just pop in your mouth.”

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RECIPE: Brownie Brittle Champagne Truffles

No stranger to catering big fêtes, Mains created desserts for the Weinstein’s Oscar and Golden Globes after parties last year. She tells FoxNews.com that stars like Bradley Cooper, Oprah, Meryl Streep and Quincy Jones have all enjoyed her custom treats.

RECIPE: Brownie Brittle Praline Cheesecake

This year, desserts for Sunday’s after parties included Brittled Fruit Skewers, Double Nut Brownie Brittle Squares, Praline Cheesecake Bites with a Brownie Brittle Crust and Brownie Brittle Peanut Butter Clouds, as well as over 3,400 chocolate truffles made for the two events.

Prep for the big night began last Monday when Mains scoped the venues with her team, including celebrity Chef Manouschka Guerrier and food designer Donald Evans. After deciding on a creative layout, it was straight to the kitchens to begin cranking out desserts for hundreds of guests. The chefs had some very eager helpers from Colts’ Kitchen—a high school Culinary Arts Program that works with the Boys and Girls Club of Carson, California, as well as students from their partner organization, Careers through Culinary Arts. The crew baked, rolled and blinged-out thousands of star-worthy desserts in a week.

Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated with his mother while stars like Taylor Swift, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul danced the night away.

And while celebrities are usually pretty weight conscious, Mains thinks post-show parties are the perfect time for stars to finally let loose and wants her treats to hit a sweet note.

“Everybody is dieting to get into these gorgeous gowns, so when its dessert time we just want to make sure it’s worth the indulgence.  They deserve it.”