Twix candy now comes in a spread for your toast

Chocolate fans are going wild over Mars’ new Twix spread—a smooth chocolate base with hints of caramel and crunchy biscuit pieces.

Some seriously lucky Brits (sorry, folks it's only in the U.K.) are already chowing down on Twix tastiness that can be eaten on toast, cookies or right out of the jar.

So how does it taste?

“It tastes like a Twix that’s been left too close to the fire and melted,” said one taster from Great Britain. “But in a good way.”

Most people on the street we talked to were pleased with the chocolately goodness --and were well aware that they were eating essentially a candy bar, just in a goopy, spreadable form. Many even said they’d prefer the spread to the original bar.

“It tastes like if a Twix bar got wet, maybe a little soggy,” commented one taster.

Mars already has spreadable versions of popular British chocolate bars Malteasers, Bounty (the Queen’s version of Mounds) and Milky Way.  The Twix spread has many of the same ingredients as the bar including cocoa, sugar, palm oil, and various emulsifiers—but it also contains one key ingredient that makes a pretty big impact on the final flavor: hazelnuts.

Sound familiar? The folks at Mars have taken a page from Nutella’s playbook. Adding nuts helps keeps the spread creamy but it also gives it a buttery, slightly nutty hint not found in the bar.

But is it good to enough to unseat the reigning king of cocoa spreads-- Nutella?

Many tasters commented on the similarity between the two cocoa spreads.

“It’s delicious but I still would rather have the candy bar,” said one taster. “[The spread] is definitely more like Nutella.”

“It’s like Nutella but crunchy! Just lovely.”

Twix spread is delicious—and the jar is beautiful-- but we were puzzled that there weren’t any caramel ribbons running through the chocolate. And the “hint of caramel flavor” just wasn’t enough to satisfy in the same way a candy bar can.

But when it comes to chocolate, can you really ever go wrong? But alas, you have to be in the U.K. to enjoy it.

“We have a lot of things you should be jealous of—and this is certainly one of them,” said a satisfied British taster.