Target's new stores to include wine and beer boutiques

Just when you thought your shopping trips couldn't get any more efficient, Target has announced plans to launch a new concept store near Houston which will include a dedicated wine and beer shop.

The store, located in Richmond, Texas, will act as the pilot for the discount-retailer's "next generation" of outlets, said Target chairman and CEO Brian Cornell. The Richmond store will also serve as the first of 500 redesigned Target locations planned for the next few years.

According to the company, the new retail centers will feature two separate entrances, giving guests the option to customize their shopping experiences. The first entrance will allow customers easier access to exclusive Target brands and seasonal items, while the second opens into a grocery and online pick-up area.


The wine and beer shop will exist in the latter area, near the self-checkout lanes, groceries and the online pick-up counter.

“With our next generation of store design, we’re investing to take the Target shopping experience to the next level by offering more elevated product presentations and a number of time-saving features,” said Cornell in a press release.

“The new design for this Houston store will provide the vision for the 500 reimagined stores planned for 2018 and 2019, with the goal of taking a customized approach to creating an enhanced shopping experience.”

The new Richmond retail location is expected to open this October. Forty additional Target stores are also scheduled to "receive elements of Target’s next generation re-design" within the same month.


Target isn't the only U.S retailer to try to ramp up its booze business. Costco has seen major success since they began selling their Kirkland Signature alcoholic beverages in 2003.

Costco’s alcohol category has grown 46 percent in the past five years, and continues to grow faster than the sales of the store’s other categories. Keeping markup percentages low and the quality high is reportedly the key to Costco’s success.