McDonald’s blasted over ‘insulting' Shamrock Shake tweet

It’s that time of year again, when McDonald's iconic minty-vanilla green Shamrock Shake starts popping up just ahead of St. Patrick's Day.

But this year, the golden arches chain managed to offend more than a few lovers of authentic Irish culture with a promotional tweet for its new chocolate-swirled Shamrock shakes, that has since been deleted.

The original post, which went up March 9, read “When your Shamrock Chocolate Madness plays all the right chocolatey-mint notes. #ShamrockSeason."

The text was accompanied by a 10 second video of a bearded redheaded man, drinking his shake through a straw while wearing a tartan-looking hat (traditionally worn by Scots) and playing the straws like a bagpipe (yet another Scottish pasttime)-- while standing in front of England's Stonehenge.

The unusual post had many questioning whether McDonald's even knows where Ireland is or if it understands the difference between various cultures in the U.K.

Shortly after the tweet was posted, many did not hold back, declaring that the chain should brush up on some real Irish culture immediately.


But plenty of posters found humor in the supposedly out-of-touch ad and added that they though it was nothing more than a clever publicity meant to generate more buzz about the limited-edition green treat.

Whether it was a cultural blunder or successful stunt, the post certainly got the social media sphere talking.

A representative for McDonald's was not immediately available for comment.