Is 'cheese tea' the next Unicorn Frappe?

This new beverage trend is totally cheesy.

Cheese tea has become a social-media sensation in East and Southeast Asia. The Instagrammable brew tops hot tea (spanning classic green to fruit-flavored and chocolate) with a fluffy layer of cream cheese.

As Malaysian food blogger Ethan Wong, quoted in Food & Wine, puts it in his blog, “When you have a sip as instructed, 40 degrees tilted, [the] right amount of cheese and tea fills your taste [buds], bursting with complex flavor.”

It also gives you a cheese-’stache.

Wong also notes that when he was in Guangzhou, China, in April, a line formed outside tea shops two hours before opening.

“I came across a shop with a huge crowd, queuing under the sun for up [to] three hours just to get themselves a cup of cheese tea,” Wong writes. “We waited for one freaking hour.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.