Food Network's peanut butter sandwich 'hack' is getting roasted on Facebook

Food Network’s “brilliant peanut butter hack you never knew you needed” is getting a lot of comments, and not many of them are positive.

The “hack,” demonstrated by food blogger Bev Weidner, is for peanut butter “slices” and it involves smooth peanut butter, parchment paper and a freezer – and a lot of confusion.


For her tutorial, Weidner first takes a jar of peanut butter and spreads “globbies” onto a sheet of parchment paper with a wooden spoon. She then smooths out a hefty offering of the nutty spread before folding the parchment paper over the top of the butter and rolling it out a couple of times with a rolling pin. From there, she places the peanut butter in the freezer.

In the Facebook video, which had 8.6 million views as of Sunday, Weidner says the frozen peanut butter can be cut into slices and then placed on the bread easily.

“It comes to room temperature semi-quickly, but you have time to drizzle it with maybe some honey on top, some chocolate sprinkles. Kid's love it,” Weidner says.

This method, Weidner explains, prevents mess and “torn bread” from spreading the peanut butter right out of the jar.

Facebook is less convinced.

The video has received over 11,000 comments with most of them questioning the need to add steps in making a peanut butter sandwich.

“Because nothing is easier than spreading peanut butter on waxed paper, rolling it flat with a rolling pin, freezing it overnight, then cutting the frozen sheets of peanut butter into bread sized squares and using them to make your honey and peanut butter sandwiches.....” a user commented.

Another said, “I cant(sic) be the only one that doesn't have an issue spreading peanut butter.”

A few joked about the length freezing the peanut butter would take.

“The time it took to spread it on wax paper, smooth it with a rolling pin, freeze it and then cut it with scissors, I could have made you 308 peanut butter sandwiches.”

“Child-‘Mama? Can I have a peanut butter sandwich please?’
Mom-‘Sure honey, give me a few hours though. I have to FREEZE THE PEANUT BUTTER.’”


Some users went a little further with their comments, adding their own food “hacks.”

“Here's another one they don't tell you: if you want to spread tomato sauce on a pizza but can't without tearing the crust, you can just roll a tomato flat, freeze it, throw it in the trash, call your local pizza place, and order a pizza," one posted.

Though there were some defenders, stating that this could be “a fun activity” to do with kids, and that this could actually be helpful when trying to spread crunchy peanut butter; the majority were not hopping on the peanut butter slice bandwagon.