Flavor-enhancing products to add some zip to your drinks

If you’re bored with your beer, looking for new cocktail recipes, or simply want to add some personality to the bar at your holiday party, consider playing with your drinks this year.

Companies have created fun and unique ways to jazz up your go-to brew or cocktail and create personalized drinks.

Whether you’re a beer lover, a self-proclaimed mixologist, or a novice imbiber, it’s easy and fun with these cool products.

Flavor infusers

Rokz is a company that plays with the versatility of spirits. Vodka, gin, rum or tequila – all can be enhanced to your liking with special infusing bottles filled with herbs and spices. Flavors range from cinnamon spice, citrus blue, and cranberry - to more unusual blends of fiery pepper and ginger cardamom.  The directions are easy. Simply add your favorite spirit to the infusing bottle, store in the refrigerator or freezer, and then swirl the mixture daily until you reach a desired taste. Then voila. You’re ready to create a cocktail with your custom infused liquor.

Glass rimmers

Rokz also sells salts infused with lime and other flavors to rim your cocktail glass, giving your drink that extra kick. Rimmerz are decorative blends can vary from a combination of fresh herbs and salts, to sugars and even flowers. Brew Salt offers similar products. Try the Basil Sugar mixture to rim the glass of your Mojito, or their Ginger Apple Pie sugar for some holiday cocktail creations.

Beer salts

The tradition used in Mexico and South and Central America is making it to the U.S. Bored with your stout or lager? Try adding a few dashes of their bacon salt. Is your pilsner or blonde ale too light or lacking flavor? Shake in some lime salt to make things interesting. “Play with your brew” is Brew Salt’s motto.  They offer a wide array of flavored salts to enhance the beer you’re sipping.

Flavors range from spicy to savory to sweet.  You can even add it coffee. Check out their website for easy pairing suggestions.  And if you want your salts on the go, Twang sells travel size bottle of beer salts with an attached beer koozie for an easy to pack, on-the-go version.

Bottle flavoring

Ever think you could easily salt and lime the inside of your beer bottle? The BrewsKey is a device that does just that. “Flavor cups” filled with salts and dehydrated lime, are inserted into the device before it is placed over the top of the bottle. Hit the top of the BrewsKey twice, and the flavoring sticks to the sides of your bottle- allowing for flavor in each sip.