Exclusive New York City restaurant boasts seating for just 9 people

Students of economics know that the best way to drum up demand for something is to restrict its supply. But a newly opened New York City restaurant is taking that philosophy to a new level by only offering seating for nine.

That's nine people. For the whole restaurant.

Mr. Donahue's, in the Nolita section of Manhattan, boasts five bar stools and one table for four. It is the brainchild of married restaurateurs Matt Danzer and Ann Redding.

The restaurant is named after Danzer's grandfather, a World War II veteran who served as an NYPD officer and worked as a cab driver. Danzer described his relative as an "old-school American, New York guy, has a Purple Heart ... Kind of a meat and potatoes guy."

The "meat and potatoes" aspect appears to have influenced the menu, which will offer diners a choice from four meat and one fish options, each served with a side.

Danzer and Redding have earned a coveted Michelin star for their nearby Thai restaurant, Uncle Boons. Redding says Mr. Donahue's is "a complete departure from what we are doing there."

The couple say they hope the restaurant won't be quite as exclusive later in the year, when they hope to double capacity by adding outdoor seating.

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