Domino's customer gets free pizza after returning box of wings with $5,000 cash

A San Jose, Calif. woman just received a year's worth of free pizza for doing the right thing.

Last week, Selena Avalos ordered lunch and was given an enormous pile of money instead of chicken wings. The San Jose Domino’s location now says it was extremely lucky that it accidentally delivered its bank deposit to it’s most honest customer.

According to ABC News, Avalos ordered a box of Domino’s chicken wings on Tuesday.

Inside the chicken wing box, however, she didn't find any poultry. Instead, the customer says she found $5,000 in cash. Avalos works at a cell phone store and says that right away she assumed she’d accidentally been given the restaurant’s bank deposit. Instead of celebrating, the dutiful customer promptly called the Domino’s to let the employees know she had the money.

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But, at first, nobody called her back. She says she kept trying, not no response.

On Thursday, Avalos contacted the local news, and they connected her with Domino’s corporate. They ultimately connected her with the local pizza franchisee.

The restaurant was thrilled to get its money back and said it would be giving Avalos free pizza for a year as a reward. Avalos’ employer was also so impressed with her honesty that the employee will also be getting a week of paid vacation from work.