Cheerwine Debuts Ridiculous New Soda Flavor: Would You Try It?

What happens when you combine Cheerwine with Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Don’t overthink this one, folks.

The two North Carolina-based products — Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme — have partnered together to make doughnut-flavored soda. That’s right, doughnut.

The soda bottle itself advertises this odd combination of flavors as “2 Southern Classics” in “1 Legendary Taste,” so now you don’t have to chase your soda with a bite from your doughnut, because the two companies have done it for you! It’s every doughnut and soda lover’s dream.

In 2010, the two companies partnered to make a Cheerwine Soda-flavored doughnut. So what’s better: a soda flavored doughnut, or a doughnut-flavored soda? This is tricky stuff here.

You’ll have to give it a taste and let us know.