YouTube prank that 'blows up' couple's son real or staged?

YouTube personality Roman Atwood pulled off another prank on his girlfriend, this time by pretending to "blow up" their son.

At least that's what he wanted it to look like.

Atwood posted a video on the video sharing site where he made it seem like he lost control of an ATV that their 3-year-old was riding. The pair run after their son, which Atwood replaced with a dummy, but when they are unable to catch the runaway ATV, it launches over a ramp and blows up.

While Atwood's girlfriend appears to be distraught, many commenters questioned whether she was in on the prank, especially because he pulled off a similar prank on her in 2014.

"the explosion was too much... that made it too evident, she knowing roman is a prankster... even she knew beforehand or she realised (sic) it at explosion time, but her expression was really unrealistic," one YouTube user wrote.

Multiple users questioned how the girlfriend, Brittney Smith, didn't see their son when she went to check on something in the same truck that Atwood sent their son to hide in when he replaced him with the dummy.

"can sombody (sic) explain so Kane went to the red car but britt went too so how did she not see kane???"

Users also pointed out that Smith is a good actress herself. Viewers got a taste of her acting skills in another of the couple's viral videos where Smith realized Atwood was pranking her so she turned the tables on him.