‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Sheldon is under pressure

Sheldon made the dramatic choice this season to study dark matter and in tonight’s episode we got a peek into just how difficult it may be.

After testing out his noise canceling headphones (featuring a gag in which learn Bernadette has nicknamed him “The Virgin Pina Colada), making sure his tea is the perfect temperature and hanging up his aspiring poster, and making sure Penny and Leonard are out of the house, Sheldon is sure he has created the perfect work environment. When hours go by and all he has is a blank board to show for it, he realizes the environment may be a little too perfect.

After determining that he may work better under pressure, Amy is kind enough to create a skullcap that will measure his anxiety. Her first attempts to ruffle him are weak. First, she merely rubs a balloon near his ear, a sound that could drive anyone nuts, but he quickly pops it. When she begins to yell at him for messing with her experiment, the couple have a breakthrough, when Sheldon argues his anxiety levels go through the roof!

The guys are elated when Sheldon asks them to simply disagree with everything he says in order to help him research, he even gets the girls in on it. He bursts into Penny’s apartment to interrupt what he refers to as “tasteless uncensored crotch talk’ and attempts to fit into the conversation by asking which one of them has “the best cervix”. Soon though, his strange behavior begins to irk those around him. Leonard is awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of Darth Vader, The Joker and Godzilla blasting from Sheldon’s speakers on a loop (He originally added Taylor Swift as well, but it turns out, he's a fan). Though perhaps no one suffers as much as Amy who has to suffer through a date night with Sheldon as he works, while still sporting the skullcap that has begun to smell.

That’s the last straw for her, Amy kicks him out of her apartment. Sheldon, who hasn’t eaten or slept in days is put to bed by Penny and Leonard, who even sing him a sweet lullaby before joking about smothering him in his sleep. A little shut eye does the trick and Sheldon luckily returns to normal.

The episodes biggest laughs come from Howard who has created a game he calls “Emily or Cinnamon” in which the gang must guess whether quotes from Raj were said in reference to his girlfriend Emily or his dog Cinnamon.

“Its so perfect we’re both Libras” and “Check it out, I got us matching sweaters” are just two of the best quotes (both of which refer to Cinnamon of course) but what this plot does is allow the cast to showcase just how effortless the chemistry of the cast has become. It seems exactly like the kind of joke a real group of friends might share and luckily Emily doesn’t seem to mind. Although she doesn’t seem pleased when she gives Raj a kiss and ends up with dog hair in her mouth.

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