Steven Slater shouldn't quit his day job.

Oh wait, he already did.

The man who made himself famous by flipping out on a JetBlue flight and sliding down the emergency ramp to freedom has signed up with the mobile application Line2 to be the official spokesperson for the company’s "Mile High Text Club" Contest, promoting Line2’s in-flight texting capability on Wi-Fi-equipped airplanes.

The contest asks users to share their wackiest in-flight experience.

Good luck beating Slater, people!

Slater's rap, "I'm a rapper Now B**ches," shows the rhythmically challenged former flight attendant in a hoodie, looking more like Star Wars' Emperor Palpatine then a hip-hop star, going through rapper motions as he drops dope lines about the new wireless application.

But don't take our word for it, check out the video yourself.