Robertsons 2.0? Meet the Busbice family of A&E's new show 'Country Buck$'

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They run a multimillion dollar hunting gear business, they live on 55,000-acres of land in Louisiana and they have their own reality show. Move over Robertson family, there's a new redneck royal family in town.

FOX411 spoke to Matt Busbice of A&E's newest show "Country Buck$" about what sets his family apart from the Robertsons of "Duck Dynasty" and what viewers can expect from the show.

FOX411: How is 'Country Buck$' different from 'Duck Dynasty?'
Matt Busbice: We know everybody's going to say, 'Oh, they're just like 'Duck Dynasty.' The main difference is that we really are a completely different business. We sell everything for hunting. Our show is more focused on showing what we make. [We do have] a crazy uncle [like Uncle Si]. He's the living breathing Uncle Eddie from 'Christmas Vacation.' [Also,] I think that faith is important to us as but I don't know if you'll see it as much in the show as they portray [on 'Duck Dynasty'].

FOX411: How did you get started?
Well my brother and I started making deer feed. He invented a deer feed block on his kitchen stove and that deer feed snowballed into something. Now we make every redneck widget that we could possibly make and somehow or another we got noticed and here we are.

FOX411: You're close friends with the Robertsons but you're also business competitors. How do you maintain your friendship?
Busbice: We feel like its not us verse them. WE feel like we're a companionship. Willie loves to give me advice. We have spent so much time over the few years now that he sees his little stepbrother about to come out with a show he has just prepared me with some of the best advice. The Robertson family has been a blessing to be a part of our lives. Willie has really become a great friend of ours and a hairy stepbrother.

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    FOX411: What invention are you most proud of?
    Busbice: We make everything now from archery weapons to range finders to metal detectors to deer feed to deer calls and duck calls. It's funny, our crossbow is on the poster of the new 'Hunger Games' movie. That's what handsome [Liam] Hemsworth is holding.

    FOX411: You work with your older brother. How does that work?
    I think that's a safe assumption he is more straightlaced. He's considered the oldest 34-year-old on the planet. He has a wife, family with 3 kids and one on the way. I'm kind of one on the fan path.

    FOX411: What are you most looking forward to seeing air on 'Country Buck$?'
    Busbice: Me and my first cousin Joe Buck going on a first date is my favorite thing that we ever filmed. My first cousin is, how do I say, single bachelor-lly challenged. He just doesn't have the luck with the ladies and I got to go on a double date with him.

    "Country Buck$" premieres on A&E Wednesday, Nov. 19.