Report: Lindsay Lohan took jewelry, clothes from Charlie Sheen's set

Wait, haven't we heard this before?

Lindsay Lohan is in headlines for allegedly taking jewelry and clothes that were not hers.

But this time its not a necklace from a jewelry store (like she was convicted of in 2011), nor a fur coat from a pile at a club (like she was accused of in 2008).

This time its reportedly from one of the few places left that thought it was a good idea to employ her -- the set of Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management"!

Sources on the set tell TMZ that Lohan took from the show's wardrobe a bracelet, necklace, earrings, pants and shoes for a night on the town, and never returned them.

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She allegedly told show staff that producers would just dock her wardrobe from her take-home pay, but TMZ says that was most definitely not part of her deal.

The same sources also said Lohan was a "nightmare" on set, would not come out of her trailer to do her scenes, threatened to leave early, and when she finally did finish her scenes, the crew applauded on her exit.

Lohan's rep had not heard of the allegations when reached by FOX411, and thus had no comment.

A rep for 'Anger Management' had been told of the TMZ report but was not able to comment as the show was not in production on Friday.