Porsha Stewart reveals she thinks Underground Railroad was a real train


The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cameras captured Porsha Stewart’s crumbling marriage and messy divorce from her pro-football hubby, Kordell Stewart, but on Sunday night’s episode the reality show caught Porsha’s most cringe-worthy moment yet.

As the ladies of the Bravo show headed on a Freedom Trail tour in Savannah, Stewart revealed that she thought the Underground Railroad was a real, physical train. Yikes.

The petite beauty was puzzled when a tour guide in a church showed the group ventilation holes on the floor, explaining "people crawled under to escape slavery."

Stewart didn’t get it.

"There has to be an opening for the railroad at some point," she said. “Somebody is driving the train. It’s not electric like what we have now.”

Fellow housewife Phaedra Parks attempted to clear things up.

“It wasn’t a train, baby,” she told Porsha. “It wasn’t a train at all. That is just a euphemism.”

Some of the other cast members laughed, while others looked on, horrified, at Porsha’s confusion.

“It’s almost hurtful to me, to watch her be so dumb,” Kenya Moore told the cameras.

Kandi Burruss and Parks teamed up to answer Stewart’s burning questions. “How did they get it so open?” Stewart mused.

“What do you mean?” Burruss said. “It’s not a real train! It’s not a real railroad.”