Olivia Culpo's Cheeky New Year's Pic, Kylie Jenner's Plans For Instagram, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening, everybody:

• Judging by her recent Instagram activity, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is welcoming the New Year with open arms and very little clothing (above). We can understand why she's so excited, too: For starters, the host of the next Miss Universe might somehow crown her the winner again! Her future is rife with possibilities!

• Speaking of ladies who are excited for 2016, Sports Illustrated "hopeful" Teresa Moore stopped by our studios to tell us about her potential appearance in the 2016 Swimsuit Issue, because even she doesn't know if she's made the cut yet. (How cruel!) Watch the clip below for more about the casting process, then

• Social-media starlet Kylie Jenner told Elle U.K. that she plans to quit Instagram if she ever has a child, which goes against everything we know to be true about people on Instagram who actually have small children. (Our feeds look like Pampers ads, for Pete's sake.)

• "Walking Dead" actress Lauren Cohan posed for the latest issue of Shape magazine, flaunting her fit physique in nothing but boots and skimpy activewear (below). It's almost enough to make us wish we were the ones running from hordes of undead freaks, just so we, too, could finally get around to toning up our obliques.

• According to sources for Billboard, original Guns n' Roses members Axl Rose and Slash are putting aside their differences to reunite for a Coachella performance in 2016, and possibly a North American stadium tour in the following months. In related news, pigs might be flying by your windows. Go check.

• Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first look at Bruce Wayne's Batcave from the upcoming "Batman v. Superman" film (below), but it doesn't seem that different from the on-screen Batcaves we've seen in the past. On the other hand, it does confirm that Gotham's most distinguished gentlemen are really into vests this year. How fancy!

• In an interview with Charlie Rose, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas claimed he didn't really love what Disney did with the newest installment ("The Force Awakens"), and later added that selling his beloved franchise to Disney was like selling it to "white slavers." Almost more disturbing — almost — is the fact he didn't first think to compare Disney to the Galactic Empire or the Imperial Army. (It was right there, George!)

• And lastly: For the second consecutive time, GQ readers have voted Kanye West as the most stylish man of the year in their annual fashion "showdown." So it appears as if you bought those nice new Thom McAn loafers for nothing.