'Ocean's 8' star Sandra Bullock reveals she's stolen 'a lot of things from films'

The cast of the heist movie “Ocean’s 8” is coming clean about their respective experience with theft in real life.

At the red carpet premiere for the upcoming action movie, Sandra Bullock admitted she’s taken a thing or two from film sets in the past.

“I lift a lot of things from films,” Bullock, 53, told Fox News. “It’s not that I’ve stolen them, I’ve just taken them home because they were a part of my character and if someone needs them back, I’ll gladly give them back.”

“No one’s come back for them,” added Bullock, who stars as Debbie Ocean in the film.

And Bullock isn’t the only one of her cast mates with sticky fingers. Helena Bonham Carter revealed she too is guilty of stealing things from sets, albeit unintentionally.

“I probably have, but you know what, without knowing it,” the 52-year-old explained to Fox News. “In fact, when I smoked, my brother used to always tell me that I was a kleptomaniac with all the lighters. But… I just take things. So yeah, I’ve stolen a lot, unconsciously.”

Sarah Paulson, meanwhile, said she used to take candy when she was a kid.

“There was some gum, there was a Jolly Rancher I might have stolen, some Sweet Tarts. My favorite candy in all of time,” she revealed. “I think we’ve all done it but my mother would make me give them back. I wasn’t very good at it. I didn’t take my loot and make sure that no one found out I’ve taken it. Instead I was like ‘look ma!’ And she was like ‘no no no, you’re walking that back.’”

But one star who has stayed on the right side of the coin is Anne Hathaway.

“Yeah, no. I would do it and then I would pay for it,” the “Devil Wears Prada” actress shared, breaking into an impromptu PSA on good karma.

“I’m not going to lie,” explained Hathaway, 35. “I believe that when you steal, you don’t wind up stealing from the people up top, you wind up stealing from the people that probably need the money the most, so I am not a thief but I do have fun.”

Hathaway added: “I do have [a conscience]. I blush when I lie. It’s something my dad made sure that I did.”

“Ocean’s 8,” which hit theaters Friday, is a spinoff to the George Clooney-led franchise “Ocean’s 11” and  follows Danny Ocean’s estranged sister, Debbie, and her team as they try to pull off a jewelry heist at the annual Met Gala. Bonham Carter noted that the “Ocean’s 8” all-female cast was able to do more damage with less people.

“… Note that it takes eight women to do a heist instead of 11 men. Or even 12? Yeah and only eight women. And I am easily the most competent.”           

Fox News’ Michael Tammero contributed to this report.