Mariah Carey called James Packer's initial prenup offer ‘tacky and insulting’

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While they were in the middle of negotiating a multimillion-dollar prenup, Mariah Carey sent fiancé Jack Packer a draft of the proposed contract with a stinging note: This is “tacky and insulting.”

The singer balked at Packer’s offer that included $6 million a year for each full year of marriage not exceeding $30 million, several hundred thousand dollars in allowance for clothes and use of his private jet, TMZ reported.

According to the site, the Australian billionaire was willing to pay for a credit card and didn’t want any item of jewelry or “personal adornment” worth more than $250,000 to be deemed a gift unless it was accompanied by a note that said: “This is a gift to you.”

Packer offered to pay for Carey’s clothing – but only if it was for personal use. He said any business attire or outfits worn during a performance should be on her tab and “Mariah shall provide all clothing for her children.”

Carey, 46, who is reportedly worth $500 million on her own, rejected the offer. The two have since split.

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TMZ previously reported that the former couple eventually agreed on a $50 million lump sum if the marriage failed – but the document was never signed.

The crooner made her first appearance since the breakup to sing her Christmas megahit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” to thousands of fans at the first unveiling of the holiday windows at Saks Fifth Avenue and Hudson’s Bay in Toronto.

Initial reports said she made about $1 million for the appearance. But organizers of the event told TMZ that her reported fee was “highly inflated.”

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